4 Septic System Problems A Septic Tank Contractor Can Help Fix

16 April 2021
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If your septic system is installed professionally, it guarantees you excellent performance for a long time. Indeed, working with a skilled septic tank contractor ensures a longer lifespan for your system.

Observing proper septic tank maintenance boosts proper wastewater treatment and keeps the repair costs at bay. However, there are some faults that occur and slow down your septic system. If they occur, you should contact a septic tank contractor to help you resolve them.

If you identify these septic tank system defects, you prevent contamination and serious plumbing issues.

Backward Tank Installation

During the installation phase, it's crucial that your tank is placed correctly. The front and back end pipe can look confusing. If the gradient is incorrect, it will cause wastewater to flow backward. The backed-up sewer water can seep into your home. Essentially, septic systems rely on gravity to drive wastewater to the drainfield. Technically, the inlet pipe is some inches higher than the outlet pipe. If it's positioned in a backward direction and is tilted, gravity will drive wastewater back to your home instead of the leach field. You need to call skilled septic contractors to fix the tank.

Settled or Broken Pipes

Usually, septic tank contractors will dig a large hole to place the tank. This forms a considerable gap between the tank and the soil. After placing the tank, the soil is filled back. If the backfilling isn't done firmly, the loose soil will settle. Since the backfilled soil covers your inlet and outlet pipes, they tend to be affected when the soil eventually settles. This can cause them to collapse or break. It's advisable to engage a professional septic tank contractor to fix the pipes correctly and ensure the backfill soil is firm.

Inlet Pipe Clogs

The inlet pipe goes through your tank through the inlet terminal or hole. If it extends in too long, it could cause clogs. If your tank has baffles, the inlet pipe accesses the tank through these baffles. These baffles guide water deeper into the tank. If the inlet is positioned close to the baffle, it affects the inflow of wastewater. If foreign materials and solids get caught between the baffle and the inlet pipe, it could cause a nasty buildup. A skilled septic contractor knows how to fix the inlet pipe to avoid such eventualities.

Slanting Distribution Box

Proper installation of the distribution box requires accurate leveling. If it's positioned in a slanted manner, it could impair the distribution of water to the leach field pipes. If the distribution box is tilted due to external impact, a professional septic tank contractor will correct the anomaly and prevent an overload in the leach field pipes. You should call a reliable septic contractor if you notice such issues in your septic tank system.