2 Possible Reasons Why Your Home's Drains Keep Clogging Up

1 March 2021
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Lately, you may have had issues with your kitchen or bathroom sinks clogging up. Even if you use a store-bought drain cleaner or plumber's snake to get rid of the blockage, it may not seem like any time passes before the water starts slowing down again as it drains. If this is the case, there are a couple of possible reasons why you keep having repeat drainage issues in your house.

1.  Mineral, Oil, and/or Fat Accumulations Have Narrowed the Drain's Pipe

One possible reason why your drains keep clogging up even after you seemingly get rid of them is that there may be an accumulation of minerals, oils, and fats that are clinging to the sides of the drain pipe. As these accumulations form, they become hard.

As the deposits harden and continue to buildup, the interior of the drain pipe narrows. This narrowing then does not allow much room for the free flow of water through the pipe, nor does it allow for the passage of further debris.

Also, since the newest layers of the accumulations may still be sticky, they can trap any oil, grease, or minerals that are floating in the water. This causes the growth of the deposits and furthers the narrowing of the pipe.

2.  Tree Roots Have Grown into Your Home's Main Drainage Pipe

Another issue that may be causing the constant clogs in your home's pipes is that tree roots have broken through and are growing into your home's main drainage pipe. If more than just one area of your house is affected by slow or stopped drains, this is a strong possibility.

As the roots grow inside the pipe, they start to intertwine with one another to form a dense clog in the line. They will also catch anything floating in the drainage water, such as toilet paper, grease, or oils, which causes further blockage of the drains. 

While a chemical cleaner may dissolve some of the clogs to allow for free movement temporarily, the roots will continue to grab onto everything and quickly form a new blockage.

Whether your home's drainage issues are caused by hardened accumulations forming the interior of the drain pipe or tree roots infiltrating the main sewer line, you will most likely not be able to get rid of these clogs yourself, as they will need more work than a drain cleaner or plumber's snake can provide. Contact a plumber near you who provides clogged drain services to have them determine the cause of the blockage as well as discuss your options for getting rid of it.