What To Do If You Are No Longer Getting Water From Your Well

28 December 2020
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Residential water wells are great when they are working correctly, but if you have a problem and no water is coming from the well, you may have a malfunctioning well pump that needs replacing. No water from the well can happen for many reasons, but more often than not, the issue is the pump, and hiring a service to check that for you is often the only solution you have.

Diagnosing The Problem

When there is no water from the well, you need to determine why the water is no longer flowing. The well pump is often not running, and that can be caused by something as simple as the breaker in the electrical panel tripping and switching off the power.

Check the panel and see if the breaker is tripped, and reset it to see if the pump starts working again. Sometimes the breaker will stay on, and other times it may kick back off almost immediately. While it is possible for the breaker to be faulty, it is more likely a case of a short in the wiring to the well, or the pump motor may be seized and tripping the breaker, which it is supposed to do. 

If the breaker kicks right back off, it is time to call a well pump service to come and further diagnose the issue. Often, the service will need to pull the pump out of the well to check it, which can be a labor-intensive job, especially if you have a deep well on the property. Unfortunately, it is the only way to access the pump if it is in the well, as most modern well pumps are.

Replacing the Well Pump

Once the pump is confirmed to be the cause of no water from the well, the pump service can replace the pump with a new one for you. They may want to inspect the well to ensure there is no issue inside the well that is causing the pump's damage. 

Putting a new pump into a well that is filling in with sand or has some other issue is not practical, so if the company can do a camera inspection for you, it can be well worth the cost. The camera inspection allows the well pump service to see to the bottom of the well and can tell you a lot about the well's health. 

Once the service determines the well is in good health, they will put the new pump in for you and connect it to the house using the existing water line and electrical connections.