What You Need To Know About Flickering Lights In Your Home

18 November 2020
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When you notice the lights begin to flicker in your home, it may be nothing. It could also signal a major issue with your home's electrical system. Many issues can be quickly figured out by a professional electrician. Before you call, however, take a moment to watch as the lights flicker and see if you can figure out a pattern. The following are some things to watch for.

Is One Light Flickering?

If you only see one light in your home flickering, the issue may only be a loose lightbulb or a bulb that is about to go out. Before you call an electrician, see if the problem is repaired by tightening or replacing the bulb. If you no longer see flickering, you should not have to call for help.

Are the Lights Flickering in an Isolated Room?

You may notice the lights in one room flickering from time to time. This would be a time to call an electrician for a diagnosis and repair. When lights flicker in one room, it typically signals an issue with the circuits in your house. If you do not fix circuit problems, it can lead to additional damage and can also be dangerous. You will need to have your entire circuit system evaluated to get to the bottom of this problem.

Are the Lights Flickering Throughout Your Home?

If you see flickering lights all through your house, you need to call an electrician as quickly as possible. A common cause of flickering lights in a house are issues with the electrical service. For example, your central electrical panel may have loose or worn-out service conductors. Not only will you experience flickering lights, but this issue can also cause a fire in your home.

Are Lights Flickering When You Run an Appliance?

If your major household appliances are running when you notice the lights begin to flicker, your home's main circuit system may be overloaded. Large appliances include the refrigerator, dryer, washing machine, electric stove, and the like. When you have these items operating at the same time, it can overload the panel. You might need to have your service panel upgraded to handle more circuits to prevent this problem from occurring. Your electrician can evaluate the issue and advise you as to your best options.

Flickering lights can be a worry, which is why you need to have a competent electrician to assist you in getting to the bottom of the problem. If your lights start to flicker call a local electrician