What You Should Know About Commercial Water Heater Repairs

14 October 2020
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As a business owner, you pay a lot of attention to the running of your business. One thing you may have overlooked is commercial water heater repair. It is easy to forget how often you need to change or repair your commercial water heater.

Are you unsure if your water heater is failing? Do you want to ensure that your commercial water heater will go the distance for your business? This is what you need to know about repairs.

The Type of Tank You Use Matters

Tank and tankless water heaters can last years, even decades. You may need more repairs depending on the type of tank you use and how old it is. Talk to your commercial water heating professional to learn about the potential timeline for repairs.

Know the Signs of a Water Heater Problem

A failing water heater can signal you with different symptoms. In order to get repairs done quickly, you need to be able to identify these problems. The key difference between residential and commercial water heater repairs is that a commercial repair is one you may not realize you need until others mention it.

First, look for water that doesn't look right. It might be slightly discolored, perhaps even rusty. This indicates that your water heater might have some problems inside. People who operate in your building or live in your apartments might complain that there is something wrong with the water.

Then, listen for any strange sounds that come from the water heater. Tenants or employees might complain that they hear knocking or something else coming through the walls. This could indicate that you need repairs.

Finally, look for signs of leaking. Your water heater could be deteriorating, leading to water that leaks from the system, whether it has a tank or not. Listen to tenants and others who might ask for repairs frequently.

Repairs Can Be Cost-Effective

In many cases, water heater repairs are more effective than replacing the entire unit. The key is calling in somebody who understands the needs of your business and your wallet. In some cases, these repairs can be quickly made so that you can move forward with your business or keep your tenants happy.

Call a Repair Technician

A qualified commercial water heater plumber can provide you with the answers you need. Not only can a repair tech extend the life of your water heater, but it can also help you get your commercial business back on track. Call a commercial water heater repair service today to learn more.