What You Need To Know About Home Winterization

25 August 2020
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If you have a house in an area where the winters can be harsh and the house is going to be inhabited during possible cold spells, then you want to make sure the house is going to be okay. There are a number of problems that can happen when it gets very cold and you aren't there to tend to things. This is why winterization is so important. If you are unfamiliar with winterization, then this article will help to educate you on the subject, so you can protect your house. 

Definition of the winterization process

The process of winterization will help protect your home when the temperature gets below freezing. When you leave your home vacant because you are going on vacation or because it is a rental that currently doesn't have tenants, the home won't be heated inside, and this can cause major problems with things like your plumbing. You won't want to keep the home heated when it's vacant just for the sake of its plumbing, so winterization is the way to go. 

Basics of winterization

When the home is being winterized, the plumbing system will be emptied of water in a way that won't end up damaging it, but that will prevent things like frozen pipes that can end up bursting and creating a flood in the home that can be very destructive. Things like the sprinkler system and the water heater will be emptied. A special anti-freeze solution will also be put in specific areas of the plumbing to prevent issues from arising. 

Special measures will also be taken in order to prevent serious problems such as gas leaks. The gas line will be turned off. Also, things will be unplugged which can prevent issues like phantom energy use and an increased risk of fire. 

The home will be checked for other possible weaknesses that could be problematic in very cold and otherwise harsh weather conditions. Things like the windows, the doors, and the roof will be checked to make sure they should do fine in the upcoming weather. The rain gutters will also be checked to ensure they are in good shape and that they are clean, so they will properly carry away the rainwater. If there is anything noticed in these areas, then they will be taken care of as a part of the winterization process to help the house do better in the winter weather.

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