Drain Services Can Help Protect Homeowners From The Risk Of Sewage In A Slowly Draining Bathtub

27 February 2020
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A shower or a bath should be a relaxing situation that takes a person's mind off their difficulties. However, a slowly draining bathtub could end up backing up with sewage, which can be dangerous to a person's health. As a result, drain repair may be necessary in the future.

Slow Drains May Be a Sign of Something Serious

When you're taking a shower, the water may pool slightly around your feet, but it should quickly roll down the drain without filling the tub up too much. However, there are many problems that could cause water to drain slowly and pool around a person's feet. This situation can be quite unsanitary because dirty water from the shower may include soap scum and other debris.

Even worse, it is possible that water from deep in the drain — such as sewage from a toilet — could potentially mix in with the water and come back up. Though there are many different fail-safes that help protect against this problem, failure in a drain system could still cause this issue to develop unexpectedly. Therefore, drain repair is important to consider when pooling water in a bathtub refuses to go down properly.

The Problem Isn't Always Easy to Solve

When a bathtub refuses to drain or drains slowly, homeowners may be tempted to try DIY repair techniques. This approach is understandable because it may seem obvious to use various types of drain cleaners to break up the problem. For example, baking soda can help destroy hair that may cause some types of drain clogs. And chemical cleaners can destroy many of these problems as well.

However, these solutions aren't always going to work. Some may find that a cleaner seems to do the trick for awhile before the tub starts draining slowly again. Typically, this means that there is something more serious at play. For example, there may be damage deep in a drain, even outside of the house, such as a tree root growing into the pipe, that may not be solvable that easily.

As a result, it is critical to reach out to a professional plumber who understands the various types of repair methods necessary for fixing these issues. In some cases, it may be necessary to completely replace your drains with all-new pipes. In this way,it is possible to fix the problem without having to worry about the slow-draining tub coming back.

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