Find Out What To Do If You Think You Smell Gas

21 October 2019
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Natural gas is used to heat your house and cook your food. It can be a great tool for those things. In fact, many chefs and home cooks prefer to use natural gas to cook with because it can give them better control over the heat when they are cooking. Natural gas doesn't smell like anything on its own, which is why an additive is added to it at the refinery to give it a detectable odor. That way you know if you have a natural gas leak. Without that additive, people would be more at risk from the side effects of a natural gas leak. So, if you do smell gas, what should you do?


First, make sure that you get as much ventilation in your home as possible. This will help any and all gas inside your house start to disperse. Go around and open up all the windows. You might be tempted to turn on a ventilation fan, but you really don't want to do anything that could cause a spark, in case there is a heavy gas buildup. 

Turn off the Gas

If you know where the master valve for the gas is, you should turn it off because you don't want any more gas to leak out into the house. If you don't know where the master valve is but you know where you can turn off the gas at your furnace or stove, go ahead and turn it off. Turning off any gas supply is going to be helpful in this situation. 


After you have opened up the windows and shut off the gas, you should get out of the house. You should make sure that you, your family, and any pets are in a safe place outside of the house. That way you aren't being exposed to the gas, and if the worst were to happen, you and your family are already out and safe. You can always get in your car if the weather isn't conducive to standing outside; if you do so, just make sure that you move your car away from the garage or from its place right next to the house. 

Call Your Supplier

Once you are in a safe place, make sure that you call the company that supplies your natural gas. That way they can come out and have someone shut down the gas and try to detect where the leak is. 

If you have natural gas at your house, you need to know what to do if there is a natural gas leak. Contact a gas line leak detection or repair service near you today in order to get started.