Leaking Toilets & Plumbing Lines

15 August 2019
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Are you tired of water leaking from the bottom of your toilet, as well as human waste, when it is flushed? If you are unable to keep rugs on your bathroom floor because they always end up soaked as a result of the problem that is wrong with the toilet, it is an issue that you should resolve as soon as possible. Repairing the problem at hand might actually be easier than you think, especially if you leave the task to a professional plumber. An inspection of the toilet and plumbing lines that are attached to it is needed to get to the root cause of the problem. Read over the information that is detailed below if you are interested in learning more about plumbing problems and a leaking toilet.

The Base of the Toilet is Loose

A common cause for water to leak from the bottom of a toilet is due to the the base of it being loose. If the toilet isn't securely attached to the floor, it is easy for water to seep out and create a mess in the bathroom. You can take a look at the base of the toilet on your own to determine if it is not properly attached to the floor. It is possible for a plumber to repair such a problem in a speedy manner. He or she will likely need to apply a sealant to reattach the toilet and prevent water from leaking out.

There is a Broken Plumbing Line

Other than a toilet being loose, it is possible for a broken plumbing line to be the root cause of water and human waste leaking from the base of a toilet. As the water and waste are going down during the flushing process, they can go through the broken area of the pipe. The amount of water and waste can produce a lot of pressure that makes it easy for the fluid to seep through the base. In such a scenario, you will likely need to get the broken plumbing line repaired and the base of the toilet sealed up.

You Need a New Toilet

If nothing is wrong with the plumbing line and the base of your toilet is badly chipped or damaged in another way, it is likely necessary to simply get rid of it. You can get a new toilet installed to resolve the problem. The plumber can help you choose the most ideal toilet as well, such as when it comes to quality.

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