3 Signs You Need Professional Help With A Toilet Clog

31 December 2018
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If you have a clogged toilet, then you might be hoping to grab a plunger and handle the problem yourself. Even though dealing with a toilet clog might not be very pleasant, it can seem like the better alternative to calling -- and paying -- a plumber. In some cases, though, you might need professional help with dealing with a toilet clog, such as in the situations listed below.

1. You've Been Noticing a Problem with Your Toilet Before the Clog

Even a properly functioning toilet can become clogged, such as if someone flushes too much toilet paper at one time. However, in some cases, toilets have problems that show themselves before a major clog happens. For example, you might have noticed that you had to flush your toilet multiple times before everything would be flushed down. In these cases, there might be more serious plumbing and toilet-related issues than just a simple clog, so you might need the help of a plumber.

2. The Sewage is Backing Up

With a regular toilet clog, you should not have to worry about sewage backing up in the various other plumbing fixtures and pipes in your home. If you're dealing with sewage backup, then the problem might be a lot bigger -- and messier -- than you think. If you try to handle the problem on your own and do not have any luck with it, then the sewage backup might become even worse, and things might get really messy in the meantime. Calling a pro is usually the best way to handle things if you are dealing with sewage backup in your home.

3. You Haven't Had Any Luck with Unclogging

Some toilet clogs are worse than others and require more work to solve the problem. After you have tried plunging multiple times and may have tried other tricks, too, such as pouring boiling hot water and dish soap down the toilet to try to get things moving, you might still find yourself dealing with a clog. Once you have tried everything without any luck, you are probably going to need to call a plumber who can help you finally take care of the clog.

Many people are able to handle household toilet clogs with a plunger without ever calling a plumber. However, there are also many scenarios in which homeowners are better off calling a drain repair pro to help them deal with household toilet clogs.