Tools And Chemicals You Can Use To Clean Your Drain And Their Cost

11 November 2018
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Drain cleaning can be a real hassle. There are so many different problems that would prompt you to clean your drains, and so many chemicals and tools to help you clean the drains. For example, maybe your drain stinks, or maybe it has a massive clog consisting of hair and soap residue. Depending on the problems you are experiencing with your drains, you will choose a different chemical or tool to clean and clear them. The following shows some of the chemicals and tools available for drain cleaning, and their typical costs.

Alkaline Drain Cleaners

These are some of the most caustic cleaners. They contain lye or potassium hydroxide. They eat through hair and grease, making them ideal for hair clogs. The cost ranges between eight and thirty dollars, depending on the brand and type of drain cleaner and whether or not you are dealing with a professional grade drain cleaner used by plumbers.

Acidic Drain Cleaners

Acidic drain cleaners are more difficult to come by because they require management by a professional plumber to avoid explosions and/or eating through your pipes. The majority of drain cleaners of this sort contain sulfuric acid, which makes your drains stink while it eats through the debris. Ergo, it is not the type of cleaner you want if your drains already smell bad. The cost is significantly more expensive because of the dangers involved, ranging from twenty to more than one hundred dollars, depending on the concentration of the sulfuric acid in the bottle of cleaner.

Barbed Plastic Drain Tool

This tool is about eighteen to thirty-six inches long (you can get various lengths). It is a hard, flat, plastic stick-like device, with plastic barbs that point upward along the length of the stick. There is a ring at the top so that you can hold onto the drain tool and not lose it down the drain. Insert the tool all the way down, rotate it once or twice, and then pull it all the way out slowly. Hair and other items will be grabbed by the barbs and come out of the drain when you remove the drain tool. The cost is between a couple of dollars to a little over ten dollars, depending on the length of the tool and where you buy it.

Sink Auger

​A sink auger is the most expensive tool you can buy. It will easily set you back fifty dollars or more, although once you own it, it is yours for life. It will clean and clear out all small drains that can accommodate the coiled head of this tool.

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