Drain Cleaning Tips Everyone Should Know

27 May 2018
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Unless your drain is not draining water away as it should, drain cleaning may not be something that you think about. However, there are some things about drain cleaning that every homeowner should know and be aware of. Here is what everyone should know about drain cleaning. 

Hot Water is a Great Drain Cleaner

One of the top drain cleaning tips that everyone should be aware of is that hot water is a great drain cleaner. If a drain in your home is clogged, such as a sink or shower drain, flush it with a pot of nearly boiling water. The hot water helps to liquefy grease and soap residue. Both of these items are typically found in clogs, helping to hold the clog together. Before you reach for any other cleaning method or drain cleaning tool, try hot water. 

Chemical Drain Cleaners Can Be Harmful 

Another tip that everyone should know is that chemical drain cleaners can be harmful to your drains and your plumbing pipes. If you have a clog present, you may decide to pour a chemical drain cleaner down the drain. The chemicals contained in the drain cleaner are acidic, which helps to effectively break most clogs up. But the acidic nature of the cleaner also eats away at your pipes. This can cause damage in the future, especially if chemical drain cleaners are used frequently. Instead of chemical drain cleaners, try freeing clogs with items that are not harmful to your plumbing system, such as hot water, plungers and plumbing snakes. 

Prevention is the Best Way to Prevent Clogs

The last tip everyone should know about drain cleaning is that prevention is the best way to prevent clogs. Most people do not realize that a clogged drain can often be prevented. There are many ways you can prevent clogs. The first is to be cautious of what you put down the drain. Certain items, such as vegetable peels or pasta, can cause your drains to clog. The second is to use a hair catcher over your showers and bathtub drains. This helps to prevent hair clogs. Lastly, having professional drain cleaning done every few years can help to prevent clogs from forming. A professional sprays pressurized water into the pipes, removing debris and residue that can cause clogs to form. 

You should not wait until your drains are clogged to think about drain cleaning. Learning a few tips about drain cleaning can help you learn how to prevent clogged drains and what you should do if you have a clog present. If you have a clog present or you are need of preventative drain cleaning, contact a drain cleaning service today, like Art Douglas Plumbing Inc.