Spring Cleaning Tips To Help You Save Money On Your Water Heater Bill This Year

3 May 2018
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If the energy bills you receive every spring or summer have steam coming out of your ears, it might be time to take a closer look at your water heater and what you can do to reduce your ongoing costs. Here are a few water heater tips that might help you save some cash this spring or summer.

You Don't Need It That Hot 

When winter comes to an end, and the temperature gets warmer, it may no longer be as necessary to have scalding hot water for your shower or bath. One simple way you could actually obtain some significant savings this spring or summer would be to lower the temperature that your hot water is heated to. As long as you don't go too low, you might not even realize much of a difference. Once you get used to the lower temperature, you could even try carrying it into the winter months in order to obtain year-long savings.

Plan Your Showers or Laundry Usage in Advance

The warmer months bring more opportunities to go outside and get dirty running around at the pool, amusement park, or some other place that might make you want to shower or wash your clothes when you return home. But take too many showers or put in too many loads of laundry and your energy costs will rise significantly compared to the winter. Instead, try to coordinate your family's showers, so you're not taking one every morning just out of habit, only to need another one in the afternoon. Try to condense your laundry loads as well, so you're not washing something new every single day.

Get a Full Inspection

For best results, you should hire a water heater expert to come out to your home for a full inspection. A water heater professional can closely inspect your tank and correct any problems like a sediment buildup that might be causing the system to run less efficiently. Other issues like corrosion can be repaired before they lead to a costlier problem. 

This spring and summer, take steps to keep your water heater usage under control. Consider reducing the temperature of the water a bit and plan your showers and loads of laundry in advance, so you're not constantly sending warm water through some part of the house. Hire a professional for a full inspection, and if needed, don't be afraid to start this spring off with a water heater installation to take advantage of a more efficient operation.