4 AC Repairs You Will Probably Need This Summer

23 December 2017
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The summer season is a time when many people start up their air conditioning unit. After all, it gets extremely hot and the only way to stay comfortable would be to turn on the AC in your home. Since the AC is running almost constantly, chances are you will run into the need for repairs at some point, especially these four more common ones that are seen this time of year:

  1. Sealing Refrigerant Leaks: Sealing refrigerant leaks may come up at some point since the AC is working so hard. Eventually, a leak may develop that needs to be fixed. You will notice that the air isn't coming out cold, but instead more like lukewarm. You might also notice a puddle of water near the condenser that also indicates a refrigerant leak. To repair it, call for an inspection right away and have it sealed or the hose replaced if the hole is extremely large.
  2. Cleaning Condensate Lines: Before the summer season even arrives, you should have the condensate lines cleaned. Clogs here lead to water leaks in the home that you definitely want to avoid, so don't forget to schedule maintenance to be done to the AC before summer even arrives. 
  3. Replacing a Fan Belt: Chances are at some point, you may need to replace a fan belt. You will know this is likely the case if you AC stops working completely. Be sure that you do this right away otherwise, you are stuck without working AC. Keep in mind that it's one of the easiest and least expensive repairs to have done by a professional since the fan belts are easy to come by and easy to reinstall in the air conditioning unit. 
  4. Replacing a Major Component: Hopefully this doesn't happen very often (if it does, you might need a new AC system together), but at some point you might discover the need for the replacement of a major component that makes up the AC system. If this is the case, go over the cost of the replacement of the part, as well as the cost of the replacement of the unit altogether, especially if it's over ten years old. If the replacement cost of the unit is relatively the same as the cost of the replacement of the part, you might as well go all in on replacement of the unit. Just be sure that you schedule this to be done right away because you obviously don't want to go an extreme amount of time without AC this summer. 

With these four things in mind, you can be better prepared for what may be to come with your AC this summer.