Things To Consider When Replacing Your Shower Heads

7 September 2017
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A shower head is an important part of a modern bathroom. After some time, you might want to change your shower head and get a new modern and beautiful design with luxurious features such as dual shower systems. You can even get a low flow shower head that will reduce the amount of water you use considerably and save you a lot of money. That sounds awesome, right?

As good as it sounds, there are downsides to changing your shower head, and there are certain factors you must consider before you do it. Here are some of the things you should keep in mind.

It Will Not Match Your Faucet

One of the cons of changing your shower head is the fact that it will not match your faucet. If you need everything to match, you will have to do a lot more than just removing and replacing surface fixtures. If you change the shower head and the faucet handle, then it would better to change the whole valve system instead. The valve gets as worn out as the shower head and it will be better if you change everything.

Do You Want to Save Water?

If your ultimate goal for changing your shower head is so that you can save water, then it will be better if you get a water-saving showerhead during your purchase. There are all kinds of shower-heads in the market right now so get the right fit.


Changing your shower head means that you will need to have it installed. This is a plumbing issue that may need a professional contractor. With the installation require any changes in your bathroom setup? What will be required? You might need to change the whole valve system, and this will require the services of a plumbing services contractor. Plumbing needs professional installations to avoid faulty fixes that might lead to damages and expensive repairs.


The durability of the shower head you purchase will determine how long it will take you to replace it again. The material and quality used to make the shower head will determine how durable it will be. Despite that fact that the higher the quality, the higher the price, you can still find some gems in the low-cost section so check build quality carefully.


If you want to have a better and fancier shower head that matches your bathroom, save yourself all the stress that comes with the installation and hire a professional plumbing contractor.