4 Signs That Your Toilet Is In Need Of Repair By A Plumber

7 September 2017
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Toilets are used multiple times a day, but most homeowners don't pay them any mind after flushing and leaving the bathroom. But toilet issues that are not promptly addressed can cause major plumbing problems that can be expensive to repair and disgusting to clean up. One of the best things you can do is learn to recognize the signs of a toilet issue so you can call a plumber before it becomes a major problem. Some signs that your toilet is in need of repair by a plumber include:

Multiple Flushes

When a toilet is in good repair, the water and waste in the toilet bowl should go down the drain with one flush. If you find that you need to flush your toilet multiple times in order to empty the toilet bowl, you most likely have a partial clog. Don't ignore this issue-- if you do not have a plumber clear the partial clog, there is a good chance that the clog will grow and your toilet will eventually overflow when the clog completely blocks the pipes.

Gurgling or Bubbling Sounds

A toilet that is not in use should not make any kind of sounds. Gurgling or bubbling sounds coming from the toilet when it has not been flushed are often a sign that there is a clog somewhere in the pipe with air trapped behind it. It is also possible for bubbling and gurgling sounds to be caused by a build up of gas from your main sewer line. If your toilet if bubbling or gurgling, contact a plumber to diagnose the problems and make repairs. 

Water Leaking from Base of the Toilet

Water should never leak out of your toilet, especially from the base. Even if you notice just a small amount of water on the floor, it is important to cease using the toilet and call a plumber. Water can leak from the base of a toilet for a number of reasons; the toilet may need its bolts tightened, the wax ring underneath the toilet may need to be replaced, or the caulking around the base of the toilet may need to be redone.

Dripping Water After Tank Fills

The sound of water dripping into your toilet tank after it fills can be very annoying, not to mention the fact that it can waste a lot of water. If your continually notice a dripping sound coming from your toilet's tank, you most likely need to have the tank fill valve replaced.