The Benefits Of Repairing A Restaurant's Water Heater ASAP

6 September 2017
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Restaurant owners have to balance a wide range of problems and concerns to be successful. When their water heater goes out, they may not feel like they have time to repair it. However, it is essential to call a professional commercial plumbing service right away to get the problem solved:

Commercial Water Heaters Are Complex

The toughest thing about a commercial water heater is that they are typically more complex than a residential water heater. As a result, they can be a little harder to maintain and tend to run into a variety of concerns.

For example, a breakdown during a peak dining hour could cause the restaurant to lose hundreds of dollars, if not more, in business. However, even a minor malfunction, such as longer heating times, could lead to a more problematic concern in the future.

A Breakdown Could Be A Serious Problem

There are many different problems that can cause a commercial water heater to break down. Some of the most common of these include rust, mineral buildup, and improper fitting sizing. These concerns are typically fairly easy to assess and fix if they are caught early. However, it can be easy to ignore these problems in the rush of a busy restaurant business.

As a result, a breakdown can occur that can threaten the welfare of that restaurant. For example, to cook food properly and safely, a commercial kitchen requires water of at least 110 degrees Fahrenheit. When a water heater breaks down, the restaurant will be unable to operate in a safe and efficient manner.

The Replacement Cost Can Be Arduous

Spotting these problems and getting them fixed ASAP is a smart decision for any restaurant owner. While it may be hard to budget it into a rather tight money flow, it is essential because replacing a water heater in a restaurant is not cheap. The national average is at about $1,013 but expect the price for a commercial water heater to top $12,000.

As a result, it is important to call a commercial plumber right away to fix a water heater. Repairing, rather than replacing, a water heater cuts the price substantially. For example, the national average is at about $522, though it can dip as low as $95. The high end is about $1,300. This wide variance in costs is due to the fact that repairs will vary depending on the problem.

So if you are a restaurant owner who is worried about the problems caused by a malfunctioning water heater, call a commercial plumber right away. They will assess the problem and find a way to get your plumbing system working again.