Plumbing In Cold Regions

4 September 2017
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If you have moved to a cold region for the first time and you are going to be exposed to plenty of below freezing days and nights, then you may not know quite what to expect and this includes what to expect of your plumbing. This article will help introduce you to living in a very cold region with regards to plumbing care and expectations:

You'll keep your sprinklers off in the winter

When the temperatures are very cold you want to keep the sprinklers off. The temperature is soon going to take that nice looking green grass from you anyway and watering it will only lead to the development of ice when the temperature drops below freezing. Also, you will be increasing your chances of experiencing a frozen and burst pipe by keeping the sprinklers on during those cold winter months. You'll also want to remove your hose and put it in storage so it doesn't crack.

You want to maintain a warmer temperature in the house at all times

You may think that your up and coming vacation is the perfect time to save a bit on your energy costs by leaving your heating all the way off. However, you don't want to do this or you run the risk of frozen pipes. When you allow the inside temperature to drop as cold as outside, the pipes are at risk of freezing and as the ice in them melts, they can even burst which will cause you major issues, especially when you are gone away and don't know anything has happened. Always set the thermostat to keep the inside of the house at least in the 50s. It's also a good idea to open the cabinets under sinks to allow that warmer air to reach the pipes.

You won't need to do anything different with your water heater

You may think that you will be better off turning the water heater on a higher temperature so the water will get hot faster. However, this isn't so. No matter what the water heater is set on you can expect the water to run very cold for a few seconds until the water that was in the tank being warmed up has made its way through the pipes. In fact, setting the temperature higher will only increase the likeliness of someone getting burned once the hot water does come out of the faucet.

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