Signs You Need A Tankless Water Heater Repair

1 September 2017
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Tankless water heaters are a wonderful option for homes of all sizes. They are compact, energy efficient, and can heat water up instantly, meaning you never have to wait for hot water. With that said, however, even the best tankless water heaters will sometimes run into problems. And, when they do, it is important that you address these problems right away by having a professional take a look. If you don't, the problems are likely to get worse and could even lead to a fully ruined water heater. Thus, don't take chances; be on the lookout for common tankless water heater issues and take care of them as soon as possible:

Your Water Isn't Hot

As mentioned, tankless water heaters are very good at heating water and at heating it quickly. Thus, when your water isn't hot or isn't as hot as usual, something is definitely not right with your water heater.

More often than not, the issue will be with the heating component of your water heater. However, the only way to really be sure of what the problem is is to have a professional take a look and diagnose and fix the problem for you.  

Strange Sounds

In addition to taking note of your water's temperature, you will also want to keep your ears open. Strangely enough, odd sounds coming from your water heater are sometimes one of the first indicators that something is amiss.

Tankless water heaters that are not working properly might make hissing sounds, gurgling noises, or even give out strange groans or screeches. No matter what the sound, if it's out of the ordinary and develops suddenly, it means that your water heater is having a hard time functioning as it should. Don't ignore the problem; instead, seek professional help right away.


Finally, you'll want to be on the lookout for any leaks coming from your water heater. Believe it or not, even tankless water heaters can sometimes spring a leak. When they do, it's often because of a loose valve or some other small problem.

However, the key is always to fix the issue before it gets out of control. A small, easy-to-fix leak can easily turn into a water-damaged floor or a flooded water heater that won't work.

In fact, with all of these signs, small things have a way of leading to big trouble if you don't act fast, so always address any water heater warning signs right away for best results. Contact a tankless water heater repair service for more information and assistance.