Not Seeing The Usual Signs? 3 Less-Common Ways To Identify A Leaking Water Pipe

30 August 2017
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If your water bills have been going up each month, but you haven't been using any more water, you might have some water pipes that are leaking. There are some other obvious signs that will point to a leaking pipe, such as soggy areas in your yard, gurgling water sounds coming from your walls, and even the puddle of water under your kitchen sink. However, beyond those obvious signs, there are some other tell-tale signs that will indicate a leaking pipe somewhere in your home, or yard. If your water bill is going up, but the other more common signs aren't present, you could still have a leaking pipe somewhere, just waiting to be discovered. Before you throw up your hands in frustration, look around your house for these other three, less-obvious, signs of a water leak.

Soggy or Water-Stained Walls

If you've got soggy, or water-stained walls, you could have a ruptured water pipe. Unfortunately, if the water has caused sogginess and staining on your walls, the pipe has probably been leaking for a while, which means you could have significant levels of water damage. Before you do anything else, call a plumber and have them come out to identify the leak.

Increased Silverfish Activity

Silverfish are small silver creatures that like to come out at night. They'll eat the bindings off your books, and your clothing. They thrive in dark, moist locations, such as areas around leaking water pipes. If you've suddenly seen an increase in silverfish activity in your home, there's a chance that you've got a problem with leaking pipes. This is particularly true if you're also noticing a musty odor in the room where you're seeing the silverfish activity.

Moist Areas in Your Concrete

If you know what you're looking for, your concrete can give you a good indication of when you have a leak in an underground water pipe. As the pipe leaks, the water is pushed to the surface. If the pipe is located under your porch, driveway, or sidewalk, the water will create moisture marks that will be visible on the surface of the concrete. If your concrete is developing moisture marks, you should have your pipes inspected by a plumber near you.

Leaking water pipes are nothing to mess around with. Not only can they cause your water bills to go through the roof, they can also cause serious damage to your home. If you think your pipes are leaking, notify a plumber near you immediately, such as from Belfair Plumbing & Drain Service.