Beyond Clogged Pipes: 3 Drain Cleaning Services To Prevent Common Problems

30 August 2017
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If you have a clogged pipe in your home, the answer is to call a plumber or drain cleaning service to help get it fixed. Unfortunately, the blockage that stops of pipes in your home plumbing can also affect other areas, such as sewer lines, foundation drains, or a septic system. You may need help from a professional drain cleaning service for problems that include:

Basement Drainage Systems—Homes with basements often have complex drainage systems. The basement drainage systems often serve two purposes; one is to deal with water that gets into your basement through static pressure, and the other is to deal with plumbing waste where plumbing installations are below the main sewer line. These systems include sump pumps, well drains, and foundation drains. Make sure that maintenance is done regularly to sump pump systems. To ensure your basement does not flood, drain cleaning may be needed in the area of your home when there is a plumbing problem or if you notice moisture due to clogged foundation drains.

Gutter and Landscaping Drain Systems—Outside of your home, there are drains that come from gutters, which often lead away from your home. When these drains get clogged, it can cause water to back up in the downspout and gutters, eventually causing damage to the eaves and structure. Have a drain cleaning service clear clogged gutter drains. In addition, if you have drainage systems in your landscaping design, these pipes can also become clogged and may need to be cleared to prevent problems with standing water and flooding that can cause costly damage to your home. Use screens on gutter downspouts and grates over landscaping drains to prevent these systems from clogging. In addition, remove debris that covers drainage regularly to prevent drains from becoming stopped up.

Sewer Lines and Septic Systems—Sewer lines are where waste water leaves your home. These lines can become stopped up due to objects being trapped in them, roots growing inside lines, or grime building up on pipe walls. When the sewer lines backup, they may cause slow plumbing drainage in your home or even for plumbing to back up into your home causing water damage. When you notice drains in your home are slow, contact a drain cleaning service to clear them. These problems can also affect the lines of septic systems and their drain field lines where waste water drains.

When drainage pipes get stopped up, they can affect your home by causing stopped up plumbing or flooding and water damage. To prevent the clogged lines from causing damage, contact a drain cleaning service to ensure that lines are clear and do not have blockage that can lead to damage to your home.