How Drain Health Affects Plumbing

29 August 2017
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Most plumbing systems in residential properties get the raw deal when it comes to how much care they get. Plumbing systems are some of the most important parts of a home, even though most people only come to realize this the moment they malfunction. Plumbing systems are responsible for numerous vital functions, like providing homes with fresh drinking water and providing sanitary living spaces.

The drains of a home plumbing system are neglected more often than commercial ones, mostly because people don't bother themselves with what they cannot see. However, drains are important, and they must be kept in good health at all times. Homeowners should have plumbing and drain cleaning services every once in a while to ensure that everything is running smoothly.

What Happens If Drains Are Neglected?

Bathrooms: When dirt and hair binds to the soap scum on the walls of the drain pipes, the gunk accumulates over time, and it reduces water flow. This could create all sorts of problems for your plumbing system because the minute water drainage reduces, usage will not be efficient, and if the problem is left unattended to, the drain is bound to clog completely.

Toilets: Toilet drains clog mostly due to flushing things that cannot dissolve in water, such as cotton tipped swabs, dental floss, and feminine hygiene products. A clogged toiled drain can mean nasty business, so homeowners need to make sure that they prevent the problem in the first place.

Kitchen: Most of the time, kitchen drains block due to solidified oil and grease. Any kitchen mess should be scraped off the sink and put into a plastic bag and then thrown in the garbage. When homeowners find themselves plagued by slow or clogged kitchen drains, they should call in plumbing and drain cleaning services to ease the problem.

Sewer line: You can also develop a main sewer line drain clog if you're not careful. These can cause problems without being visible. One key to main sewer line health is to regularly drain water through your plumbing so that waste can flow out of the sewer lines. Without this, waste can harden and form a clog. If you suspect this issue, call a sewer main cleaning professional to release the clog.

How To Maintain Drain Health

Do not use store bought cleaners. Most homeowners try to use store bought drain cleaners as soon as they realize they have a drain problem. The cleaners do work, but at a higher price than necessary, and the worst part is that most people have no idea at what cost. You see, store bought cleaners contain caustic and corrosive chemicals that melt the clogs.

The problem is that these chemicals damage the pipes while they are at it. Prolonged use of the cleaners corrodes the pipes, and soon they have to be replaced. Instead of opting to use these cleaners, one should call in professional plumbing and drain cleaning services to unclog the drains.


Professional plumbing and drain cleaning services can help drain pipes before they clog completely and help to maintain drain health. Homeowners should also watch out for some warning signs of dirty drains and strive to solve the problems before they get out of hand.

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