4 Ingenious Way To Keep Clogs From Taking Over Your Bathroom

24 August 2017
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You can keep a professional-grade plunger by the toilet and eliminate clogs individually, or you can make efforts to keep everyday clogs from appearing. Although the toilet is the primary culprit when it comes to bathroom clogs, a plumber may be called out to clear out clogged sinks and bathtubs as well. Prevent costly clogs from overtaking your bathrooms by following these four advantageous tips.

1. Schedule Your Annual Plumbing System Inspection - Whether your residential plumbing is brand-spanking new or a couple of decades old, it should be examined by a licensed plumber on an annual schedule. Remember that many major plumbing clog issues are related to old pipes and water pressure issues. Contract a plumber to perform inspections of your drains and entire plumbing system to help minimize the risk of clogs.

2. Check Your Bathroom Drains Regularly - Drains in your plumbing system can become clogged because of improper filtration or even normal use. Watch your bathroom tub drains and note how long it takes water to normally go down them. Tell your plumber that you are noticing slow water drainage so that any minor clogs you have in your home can be eradicated before there is a serious backup.

3. Be Proactive About Bathroom Clogs - A lot of people notice that their toilets are becoming difficult to manage soon before a major clog appears. For instance, toilets are designed to flush on the first try. If you need to press down on the handle repeatedly to get your toilet to flush completely, there is almost certainly a clog developing.

4. Keep Sediment and Calcium From Clogging Your Plumbing - Want to keep your plumbing system moving along like clockwork? Inquire about calcium buildup removal with an expert plumber. You could have an issue with sediment, hard water deposits, calcium, or other minerals sticking around on the inside of your pipes. With a more narrow space for paper bathroom products to go though, you might end up fighting repeated bathroom clogs. Plumbers can de-scale and de-calcify residential plumbing systems so they operate more smoothly.

Using a practical amount of toilet paper and keeping more durable paper products such as paper towels clear of your bathroom drains will aid in your battle against clogs. Hiring a good plumber to evaluate the health of your residential plumbing system can also be highly effective against clogs and other problems that commonly pop up in bathrooms. Only use a plunger when you know for a fact that you have a minor clog in the bathroom, and call upon a trained plumber for anything outside of your personal experience.