3 Problems That A Garbage Disposal Might Have

24 August 2017
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Do you miss being able to use your garbage disposal for grinding up food? Depending on the type of problem that the garbage disposal has, getting it repaired might not be difficult. The best way to resolve the problem would be to first hire a technician that can pinpoint what is wrong. You might even be able to make a diagnosis on your own before attempting to get the garbage disposal fixed. This article explains some of the general problems that a garbage disposal can have.

1. Only Humming Sounds Can Be Heard

If your garbage disposal has been making a humming sound, it might be due to something being stuck inside. The humming sound is likely from the blades trying to move and grind up food. You can hire a professional to disassemble the garbage disposal and find out if there is anything lodged between the blades. If the sound is accompanied by the inability for the garbage disposal to grind food, there might be a non-food item stuck inside. A technician can remove anything that is stuck to see if the garbage disposal will stop making the humming sound.

2. Water Leaks Out When Running the Garbage Disposal

When a garbage disposal begins to leak, there are several things that can cause it to happen. The most common reason for such a problem to develop is there being loose bolts beneath your sink. Loose bolts are not considered a serious problem because they can easily be repaired by getting tightened up. It is also possible that the discharge drain pipe isn't as secure as it should be. You might need to get the discharge gasket adjusted or replaced to stop the water leak.

3. There is No Action from the Garbage Disposal

Are you unable to hear any noise when the garbage disposal is turned on? A quiet garbage disposal often points to there being an electrical problem that is in need of attention, or might simply mean that it is worn out. Repairing an electrical problem can be as simple as turning a tripped circuit breaker back on. There is also a reset button that might need to be pressed so the garbage disposal will begin working again. An old garbage disposal will likely need to be replaced if it is the reason why there is no action, as making repairs might not be sufficient enough to resolve the problem.

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