Hot Water Heater Care: Four Tips

22 August 2017
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The heater that warms water for bathing, cleaning and laundering is a vital part of your home. Proper care and attention should lower the chances that you'll have to constantly call a plumber because something's wrong. Here are some ways you can support your heater.

Flush It

Mineral and sediment buildup is a natural occurrence with a water heater. Preventing problems because of those issues is easily done by flushing the appliance every year or so. Shut down power, open the valve and slowly let the water empty the tank completely, using a rubber bucket to collect the fluid. Then restore power and the tank will fill again.

You might want to drain out the heater completely without refilling it if you've got plans to travel, particularly for winter holidays and cold days. Without heating the water, it could freeze during your trip and tank cracks could occur. You can refill once you return.

Check Rod

The thin anode rod which hangs vertically in every heater is essential because it protects the tank from corrosion. You can take a look at it when you flush the tank to ensure that the rod isn't damaged from corrosion taking place; if it is, you should replace it before the tank is damaged too. Even between flushes, you should be inspecting the rod and tank interior to see if the rod is working well.

Turn It Down

Your heater has a wide range of temperatures and you can adjust it as you deem fit. However, keep in mind that if you're setting the temperature at the highest level, you're asking the heater to work very hard to do that. In return, you might see higher utility costs and experience problems sooner than if you set the temperature somewhat lower. Try setting it to the lowest level that is comfortable.

Wrap It in a Blanket

Many people don't know that their water heater can be insulated. An insulation blanket will not only keep the heater from becoming too cold in low temperatures, but enables the heater to remain warm enough that it won't have to work so hard on heating water when you need it. You might feel delighted when you see a lower utility bill than you're used to seeing, all because you've insulated the heater.

Even with acute attention to these things, the heater might malfunction every now and then. Any problems or concerns should be passed on to a water heater repair professional from companies like A AA Acme Plumbing & Drain Service; their expertise can solve whatever issues you're having.