Renting A Portable Toilet For Your Event Or Jobsite

21 August 2017
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There are times when you need to have a portable toilet to provide bathrooms for people. It might be an event, a job site, or some other place where people will be for long periods of time and may need to use the bathroom. There are many companies that can provide portable toilets to you but if you need a large number of them, let them know and see if they have what you need.

Setting Up The Toilets

You will need to plan a little for the location of the toilets so that when they are delivered, the driver can just put them in place quickly. If you are only getting one, it is not too big a deal but if you are getting a large number of toilets, they will want to drop them very quickly and go get more.

Servicing The Toilets

If you have one or a few toilets that are long-term use, such as those on a job site or work location, the truck needs to come weekly or even several times a week to keep it clean and usable. In most cases, they will pump the tank, clean the seat, replace the paper, and hose out the interior of the portable toilet so people can comfortably use it. If you don't feel they are being serviced often enough, don't be afraid to ask the company to clean them a little more often.

Removing The Toilets

When you no longer need the portable toilets, you can call the company that provides them and ask them to pick them up. In most cases, they will have to schedule a time to do that. It may not be the same day but in most cases, it does not take too long to get them to pick up the toilets and get them out of your way.  Depending on many how many you have, it could take several days to get them all pick up. On the other hand, if you have just a few on-site, they may be able to take them all on one day.

Pricing and Services

Be very aware of the pricing and the service provided from any company you use. The cost may seem cheaper, in the long run, to go with the company that provides the best price but if the company charges fees for additional services like pumping or cleaning the unit, then you have not really saved money and created more trouble for you in the long run. Visit a site like for more help.