Spring Cleaning Tips To Help You Save Money On Your Water Heater Bill This Year

3 May 2018
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If the energy bills you receive every spring or summer have steam coming out of your ears, it might be time to take a closer look at your water heater and what you can do to reduce your ongoing costs. Here are a few water heater tips that might help you save some cash this spring or summer. You Don't Need It That Hot  When winter comes to an end, and the temperature gets warmer, it may no longer be as necessary to have scalding hot water for your shower or bath. Read More 

4 Tips To Help Prevent A Sewer Backup In Your Home

15 April 2018
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Your sewer system probably isn't something you spend a lot of time thinking about, but it can quickly become the only topic of conversation if a sewer backup ends up bringing wastewater into your home. If you want to make sure this problem doesn't happen to you, here are four tips that can help. 1. Don't Use Your Sink as a Trash Can  If you do a lot of cooking in the kitchen, you may get into the habit of dumping cooking grease or oil down the garbage disposal. Read More 

How To Tell If Your Home Has Sewer Line Problems

31 March 2018
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As a homeowner, you may not be aware that the sewer line running from your home to the city sewer system is your responsibility. If anything happens to it, you are responsible for excavating and performing the repair. While many new homes will use a PVC pipe for the run from the home to the sewer system, many older homes use drain tiles, which are easily susceptible to damage. Here is how to tell if you have a sewer line issue that needs to be repaired. Read More 

Common Causes Of Low Water Pressure With Wells

17 March 2018
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Living in a house that has a well is nice in many ways, including that it eliminates the need for paying a city water bill. The problem with wells is that they can experience problems, and a common problem well owners have is low water pressure. If you are currently experiencing problems with low-water pressure, here are some of the potential causes of the problem. Blocked faucet If the water pressure is only low in one particular plumbing fixture, such as a sink or tub, it is most likely due to blockage in the faucet or showerhead. Read More 

4 Tips For Maintaining Your Home’s Water Softener

3 March 2018
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People who live in areas with hard water often choose to have a water softener installed in their home in order to drastically improve the quality of the water that flows from their faucets. Installing a water softener can protect a home's plumbing from a build up of minerals in the pipes, improve the feeling of skin and hair after bathing, and ensure that dishes come out without spots after being washed. Read More